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Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery©

Updated: Feb 4

Mark is a certified Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery© practitioner.

We all have memories, both conscious and subconscious that are stored in our bodies and through SMGI®’s guided imagery techniques. He assists you on a journey to tap into these memories, to discover them and to work with them in whatever way is most beneficial to you. You are the explorer on this great adventure!

The ideal client or referral for him is someone who is ready for change to come into their lives and they want to grow, but they aren't really sure how to accomplish this. They know there's more to life and they may have done some of this kind of work in the past, but they're frustrated with where they are currently. They may feel as though they've plateaued on their spiritual path. They're ready for change and they're ready to do the work. They're ready for self-examination and to journey inward - to complete this quest.

SMGI® is beneficial for everyone, but in particular for anyone who desires growth in their lives. They want more happiness and they're ready for that change and they are ready to do the work. This might be someone who sees negative patterns continuously repeating in their life, or possibly someone who would benefit from an empowering self-examination. Self-limiting beliefs or difficulty expressing emotions are common themes in his work.

"Mark was present with me on my journey. I had a great experience and liked the cadence of his voice.” - Jean-Pierre, Mill Valley, CA

All the SMGI® practitioners are empathetic healers, but what makes Mark different is his

life experiences and the perspective that those experiences have created. He has seen

and experienced a lot in his life from family lineage trauma and the related addictions,

marriage and divorce, and raising children, as well as a successful business career. His business background lends a very pragmatic, results oriented aspect

to help you get the results that you desire.

"My journey with Mark was rich in unexpected experience and informative in ways that supported my path ahead. He’s very skilled, kind and nonjudgmental, with a breadth of historical knowledge that validated what I was experiencing so I could more easily take it in. I recommend him without reservation." - Gina, Sausalito, CA

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