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Past Life Hypnosis

Updated: Feb 4

Unlock the mysteries of your past with a transformative Past Life Hypnosis. Through guided hypnosis, delve into your subconscious to explore and gain insights from previous lifetimes, providing a unique perspective for personal growth and self-discovery.

Practitioners and many researchers believe that hypnosis is the pathway to the subconscious

mind. The subconscious mind is where all of our memories are stored, and it controls nearly 95% of our behaviors and reactions. The pioneers in this work include Edgar Cayce, Dr. Brian Weiss, Michael Newton & Dolores Cannon.

Typically, people will experience at least one lifetime event, but at times they will get several.

This just means we spend less time in each lifetime so the exploration may not be as deep.

You can and should set an intention as to the lifetime(s) and/or relationships you'd like to explore, but your higher self/subconscious will prioritize and give you what it believes is most valid.

A good intention would be "show me the lifetime that has had the largest impact(s) on this lifetime with relationships and/or circumstances." Of course, feel free to create your own.

After discovering the details of the lifetime(s) I lead the client to a place where there can be

communication with their “higher self.”

It's also a good idea to come up with written questions that I can ask your higher self. These

questions can be multi-faceted including ones for your life purpose, relationships, careers, places to live, additional past lives to explore, etc. 

Each client is different and therefore each experience will vary.

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